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More than 3 years have passed since last update. Raspberry Pi で iPhoneの画面を表示できないか調べてたら、こちらで話題になってたrPlayと

Raspberry Pi als AirPlay-Empfnger verwenden

Nous sommes donc parvenu …

Raspberry Pi and rPlay: A cheap and fun way to do AirPlay

Part 1: AirPlay Mirroring with Raspberry Pi The simplest means by which to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV is through a lightning digital AV adaptor. However, in order to do this, you’ll first need to purchase the correct Lightning Digital AV Adapto. On your iDevice, go to AirPlay and select rPlay (raspberry). The mirroring will

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/11/2013This video shows Airplay mirroring works on a raspberry pi device, first of its kind. $35 device performs very well to mirror iPad screens, real time audio and video streaming is supported It is

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Raspberry Pi AirPlay Receiver: Are you tired of having to use a cable every time you want to play music from your iPhone or computer, but you don't want to spend several hundreds of dollars on a pair of wireless speakers? Well, why not use a Raspberry Pi? This cheap, yet powerf. . .

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/29/2013Demo with a new iPad showing the app rPlay from VMLite.

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Instructables user edyboy12 shows how to use a Raspberry Pi instead. The A. V. Club Add AirPlay Mirroring to Any TV with a Raspberry Pi. The Instructables guide uses software called rPlay

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Play Is Spying On You 09/05/2015 7300 Views I had a friend recently tell me about how he was using a tool called rPlay to airplay his apple devices through his raspberry pi .

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0/08/2013 - Category: Raspberry PI,Apple I can not be more excited!. Think I mentioned, but since I sold the AppleTV , the most feature I miss is the mirroring function, useful if you want to duplicate on another screen what you are doing on the iPad, iPhone or iMac .

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Making an AirPlay receiver from a Raspberry Pi Posted on 17th January 2016 Author John Coxon I recently bought a Raspberry Pi with the intention of using it …

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Hallo, ich wollte auch gerne RPlay installieren, aber ich dachte, dass das Plugin lngst nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird und es daher auch keine Beta-Lizenzen mehr gibt.

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Add AirPlay Mirroring to Any TV with a Raspberry Pi

How to connect relay to Raspberry PI, connection scheme. Remote lights, web remote sockets, remote garage door, home automation

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/31/2013Luckily VMLite guys are carrying this functionality to the Raspberry Pi, with a fairly promising. I have a beta private copy and teach you how to install it and their functionalities. Do you want to see it?

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