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Body Sensor: An Arduino and two insulated, twisted wires can be used to detect an approaching human (or animal). I set up a sample circuit to warn approaching people away from my desk. The voice module in this instructable is optional--you can just use the twis. . .

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The LM35-series devices are available packaged in hermetic TO transistor packages, while the LM35C, LM35CA, and LM35D devices are available in the plastic TO-92 transistor package. The LM35D device is available in an 8-lead surface-mount small-outline package and a plastic TO-220 package. Device Information(1) PART NUMBER PACKAGE BODY SIZE (NOM

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Arduino Create simplifies building a project as a whole, without having to switch between different tools to manage all the aspects of whatever you're making.

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The second patent involves applying current sources of different frequencies in order to measure different body characteristics in order to estimate body fat composition. Our project is a simpler design which calculates body fat percentage with user input parameters and single frequency current source to determine body fat percentage.

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This is a body thermometer using a thermistor sensor, Arduino and LCD display. I’ve decided to provide a funny Arduino concept thermometer in case its the middle of the night, pharmacies are not working, you are not feeling well and you want to check your body temperature.

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Determining Body Composition Using Arduino: The purpose of this circuit is to generate a constant current (~198 microAmps), which is sent through the body via two electrodes. The electrodes are placed on the opposite hand and ankle of the subject. Two more electrodes are placed in close pro. . .

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THE ARDUINO PROJECTS BOOK EDITORS Projects and text by Sco! Fitzgerald and Michael Shiloh Arduino can make your projects responsive, but only you can make them band on one side of the componentlter out di $ er - …

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Arduino is a small $15 circuit board with an Atmel MicroController chip and other parts. Arduino is intended for use by both non-technical people with no previous programming experience and seasoned pros who love to tinker.

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Body Hacks. Blog Home sombody else’s) body via electrical signals, University of Tokyo’s research exprerimented about this. The experimental device is actually called the PossessedHand, and controls your digits by shooting small electric currents into your wrist via electrodes strapped to your forearm. The Keyglove is a portable

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Designed based on OSOYOO UNO R3 for Arduino, the self-balancing robot car kit is a fun and educational Arduino learning kit. 2. High-precision motor with hall encoder, make it more superior, more power. . . Keywish Smart Robot Car Kit for Arduino Hummer-Bot V2. 0 DIY Learning Kit,Remote.

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The ALLBOT VR204 Two Legged Robot is an expandable Arduino compatible modular robot body kit featuring two servo controlled legs. This kit attaches to your Arduino Uno or Mega compatible microcontroller to create a small servo driven robot.

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Temperature Measurement with a Thermistor and an Arduino

Learn how to program with Arduino IDE to develop many interesting projects Includes an ESP8266 Module, an NE555 Timer, an RTC Module, a Water Lever Sensor, a Sound Sensor, etc. Provides schematics, wiring diagram, detailed steps of operation and results of 33 experiments

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/17/2015Hi I want to create some project which uses Arduino to collect and display ECG. It uses two electrodes which are attached to body (on chest) and signal si …