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I made a Micro EchoLink node based on Orange Pi and a transceiver DRA818U. Details below. I want to introduce you a project of the French radio amateur F5NLG. This is the Echolink / FRN system node based on Orange Pi Zero and the DRA818 or SA818 transceiver. Project site . spotnik. org. Schematics of node. I made it on prototype board.

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Si usted quiere poner un repetidor de Echolink a trabajar con una PC que cuesta $ 35. 00 dolares puede utilizar una Raspberry y la puede conseguir localmente en su mercado local.

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How to install thelinkbox on raspberry pi. Jump to bottom. ejcagle edited this page Jul 27, 2016 project and is aimed at people who want to learn more about

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Raspberry Pi + Echolink on Svxlink 15. 11. how is it, would you help me out? write me a raspberry script, so i get the temp and huminity out over the radio port. . let svxlink talk the temp and allso start the fan if the temp get’s to high in the room. . this would help …

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Good news though, you can make a fully-functional one using a Raspberry Pi. The Amazon Echo is useful to have around the home. It can play podcasts, take reminders and notes, tell you the length

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From Instructables user kp4tr:. This is an amateur radio transceiver wired into a Raspberry Pi and loaded with Echolink software (SVXLINK). One can use this with a …

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How to set up an Echolink Proxy Server on a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to see if I could use my Raspberry Pi as an Echolink Proxy server due to it's small size and low power consumption.

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Svxlink and the Raspberry Pi. Hello Tobias and the group, I’m a real newbie with Linux and Svxlink. Right now, my setup for a repeater node is by running Echolink in sysop mode on Windows, and the use of the Echo-producer software that allows me to get the announcements and spelling of the callsigns in french, using TTS voices.

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Installation de svxlink (echolink) raspberry B ou B+

KP4TR] connected a Raspberry Pi to a small, cheap handheld radio, Posted in Radio Hacks, Raspberry Pi Tagged amateur radio, echolink, raspberry pi. DTMF and SelCall signal generator.

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The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects. Join the global Raspberry Pi community.

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Echolink su Raspberry PI? SvxLink. Posted on Gennaio 19, 2014 by ik1whn. L’idea che mi quella di utilizzare la scheda Raspberry PI, dimensioni minuscole, consumi irrisori, nessun disco che gira o ventole che si bloccano col tempo, insomma, la soluzione ideale.

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0/29/2016Echolink on Raspberry: Introduction the macanudos learn more about this fantastic technology that provides savings and convenience to the amateur who likes echolink. Raspberry Pi 3 B+

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近は、raspberry piを知りこの小さな箱を使ってアマチュア無線を楽しめないかといろいろやって最近に至っています。 特に、JT65は10Wで地球の裏側まで電波が届きます。なんと、モービルアンテナでもいけます。そこで、Raspberry piを