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2/14/2018Hi, I'm putting together a OLED I2C SSD1306 with an ESP8266 in order to show temperature and himidity values from a DHT22. I'm trying to draw some BMP images (battery, termomenter. . . ), but my problem is when they're showed on the OLED, they looks like a split image. . . you can see it at the attached picture.

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sp8266 + dht22 +oled. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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ESP8266-01 using Arduino IDE. Upon powering up, the ESP8266 will initialize the SSD1306 (I2C) OLED, will scan all surrounding networks looking for the specified network, and upon finding the home network, will attempt to connect and log-in to the WiFi router. \Documents\Arduino\Sketches\ESP8266\OLED\ESP_WiFiScan-Acquire_2. ESP

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Connect an I2C SSD1306 OLED display and an ESP-01 (ESP8266) 11 January 2017 11450 no comments In this tutorial we will learn how to use a 0. 96” monochrome OLED display (based on the SSD1306 chip) with an ESP8266 module and more specifically the ESP-01 module.

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ThingPulse ESP8266 OLED SSD1306. We just released version 4. 0. 0. Please have a look at our upgrade guide. This is a driver for the SSD1306 based 128x64 pixel OLED

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/18/2016program NodeMCU (ESP8266) on Arduino IDE (with ESP8266 core for Arduino), to display on 0. 96 inch 128X64 I2C OLED (base on SSD1306), using Adafruit SSD1306 and Adafruit GFX Libraries.

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So I just tried loading the Esp8266 and ESP32 oled driver for ssd1306 library and running the examples in there and they all work fine. (after I changed D3/D5 to 21/22). I can …

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Working library for SSD1306 Oled and Wemos D1 board

Pour tester le mode SPI sur un ESP8266 Pour mettre en fonctionnement le module en utilisant le protocol I2C j’ai utilis pour le Huzzah de chez Adafruit :

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Cabling the OLED Display. The SPI display use more pins than the I2C version, has I connected it to a ArduiPi board the connections are already done on the board so nothing to do, but if you want to do it with cable you should do it as following / Rrer les informations du compteur EDF en wifi avec un ESP8266 – Jb's Blog on PiTInfo

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ESP8266 + OLED Display. An exercise of connecting the ESP-12 DevKit board running nodemcu to a 4 pin I2C OLED Display.

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Learn how to use the SSD1306 0. 96 inch I2C OLED display with Arduino. We'll also build a project example that displays temperature and humidity readings. The organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display that we’ll use in this tutorial is the SSD1306 model: a monocolor, Build IoT projects and home automation gadgets with the ESP8266 Wi

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ESP8266 ESP-01 with SSD1306 OLED display This post shows how to connect ESP8266 (ESP-01) module with SSD1306 OLED display where the display used in this project has a resolution of 12864 Pixel and works in I2C mode.

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ESP8266 NodeMCU interfacing with SSD1306 OLED

The is an open source library which allows you to control those pretty OLED modules from our beloved ESP8266 module. Fabrice Weinberg cleaned up all the ugly pieces of code which I initially wrote caused by my near C/C++ illiteracy.

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今天有幸整理下esp8266使用IIC总线驱动0. 96寸的OLED显示屏,在之前的[原生乐鑫SDK高级使用之封装Post与Get请求云端,拿到天气预报信息,我提到可以拿到信息之后,可以显示在显示屏上面. . .